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Your Fall Home Maintenance Guide

Summer is ending, and the cooler months are ahead! It's time for some quarterly maintenance on your home!


The air is getting cooler, which means fall is finally here! What do you think of when you think fall? I can't wait for all the pumpkins, leaves, and apple cider donuts! I don't just think about all the fun fall stuff though, I also think about the tasks that need to be done on my home!

Every good homeowner knows that with the change of seasons, there are some home tasks that need accomplished. In this guide, I have listed out some of the important tasks you should be adding to your checklist - for both the interior, and exterior of your home.

Interior Maintenance

  • Change your air filters

  • Clean all air vents

  • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Replace any burnt out lights

  • Inspect appliances and drains to ensure they are working properly

  • Clean your washing machine

  • Clean the dryer lint catcher

  • Inspect and clean windows, sills, and weather stripping

  • Clean out and wipe down fridge and freezer

  • Clean out dishwasher filter

  • Flush hot water tank

  • General all over clean

Exterior Maintenance

  • Power wash driveway, walkways, patio, and siding as needed

  • Clean out gutters and downspouts

  • Clean and store summer equipment

  • Clean grill

  • Clean patio furniture

  • Shut off water spouts and put hoses away

  • Inspect roof and shingles

  • Seal windows and door cracks

  • Seal any holes in foundation or exterior walls

  • Trim up bushes, and cut down any dead tree branches

  • Check winter supplies (Shovels, Ice Scraper, etc)

  • Have fireplace/chimney inspected and cleaned

  • Rake the leaves

What do you think? Was there anything surprising on this list? If you have something that I should add, feel free to share it with me in the comments! Happy Fall!

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